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Fire Damage


Fire Damage and Restoration Services 

Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration.

In the aftermath of a fire, the damage extends beyond flames and smoke, often leading to pervasive water damage and flooding. Smoke and soot spare no surface, impacting paint, carpet, upholstery, and cherished belongings.


At Green Water & Fire, we recognize the urgency. Our specialized technicians swiftly tackle the aftermath with immediate fire scene ventilation and effective debris removal. Leveraging our expertise in fire and water restoration, we work diligently to restore your home to its pre-fire conditions promptly.


Choose Green Water & Fire for a seamless restoration journey that not only cleans but revitalizes your space. Experience expert care and rapid recovery for your property—because your home deserves the best.

fire damage after
Fire damage before
Our Process:

Green Water & Fire is your trusted partner for efficient and top-notch fire restoration services in the Chicago Land area.

1. **Source Elimination:**

We swiftly remove both water and odor sources, addressing unsalvageable debris to prevent further odor generation and recontamination.


2. **Surface Restoration:**

Our expert team meticulously cleans salvageable surfaces and items, ensuring the physical removal of residue causing lingering odors.

3. **Odor Counteraction:** Persistent odors are tackled with advanced odor counter-actants, creating a deodorizing fog or gas that actively neutralizes odor-causing substances.


4. **Sealing for Protection:**

For inaccessible or slightly scorched surfaces, our sealing process not only addresses aesthetic concerns but crucially encapsulates odors, preventing progressive recontamination.


5. **Clean, Prepare, Rebuild:**

Trust Green Water & Fire for a thorough clean, preparation, and a seamless path for reconstruction in the Chicago Land area.


Bonus: Benefit from our great rebuild referrals, ensuring your restoration journey is not just efficient but leads to exceptional results. Experience the difference with Green Water & Fire—your dedicated partner in fire restoration.

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Send us a message, or call us for a quote. Use our contact form to tell us more about your project, and we will connect you with the services to fit your needs. 

Chicago, IL

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